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I will forever thank Darin for his hard work teaching me how …

My pointer mix Sawyer was about 5 months old when she started training. Her main problems were eating acorns and sticks uncontrollably, biting the leash, crying in the crate, etc. Darin had a fix for everything. He is so knowledgeable about dog behavior as well as training tactics that I'm blown away with his answers to every single one of my questions.
Sawyer is now just over 1.5 years old and still trains with Darin. We have overcome many obstacles together and now she is perfectly behaved and completely off leash trained.
I will forever thank Darin for his hard work teaching me how to train my dog.

Christa F. Commack , NY August 11, 2015

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Meeting Darin and seeing him interact with my Dunkin, I …

Almost seven years ago, I welcomed a beautiful Rottweiler/German Shepard puppy into my life. I never thought there was a need for professional training, until he grew into a 130 pound aggressive dog, especially with other dogs, therefore making it difficult handling him around others. Dunkin was the real pack leader in my home. I was embarrassed and felt that Dunkin was too old at five years to be trained. Unfortunately it was difficult to find the right person willing to take on the challenge, until I meet Darin.
Meeting Darin and seeing him interact with my Dunkin, I instantly knew and had no doubt in my mind that he would be a perfect fit for us. We set an appointment and Darin arrived on time and was filled with compassion, and kindness. He took Dunkin for an intense two week training program. When Dunkin returned home Darin assisted me with training lessons at my home which flowed with practical, easy to manage concepts that have enriched my relationship with Dunkin in general. He has gone from spoiled aggressive Dunkin to a trust worthy trained companion.
I am truly grateful for all that Darin
was able to accomplish with Dunkin. He
definitely is a different dog now. In
addition, Darin boards Dunkin for me
when I go out of town and I fully trust

Alyce B. Westbury , NY October 2, 2015

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We cannot thank both Darin and Pam enough for their help!

A few years ago my family and I finally decided it was time to get a dog. My husband and I both grew up with pets and know how great it is for children. I was a bit apprehensive about starting this journey, knowing that most likely I would be taking on the bulk of the work. A family acquaintance gave us Darin's contact information. I spoke with him prior to deciding on a dog. He spoke with me and over many conversations listened to my concerns and provided me with information on a reputable breeder for french bulldogs.
When we finally brought our puppy home I spoke with Darin and he told me of the many options I had, including helping me train the puppy at home. After a week, I realized that it was more difficult than I originally anticipated. He agreed to take Stella for a few weeks and train her for us. When she returned she was a different dog. I was amazed. He also came by and showed me how to continue and maintain the training.
Stella is now a healthy dog who has been a wonderful addition to our family. I still call Darin on many occasions with questions or concerns and he always returns my calls and speaks with me at length to guide me. His help have been invaluable We are also very blessed to be able to send Stella to Darin a few times throughout the year. Our experience as first time dog owners would not have been the same without Darin's help, so much so that I am actually considering getting another dog!

Joellen C. Garden City , NY October 23, 2015

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Darin showed us exactly what we needed to do to reinforce …

We have a very exuberant Boxer adolescent who was getting too strong for us to handle and train properly. He was starting to become destructive and causing chaos in our home. We met with Darin Post and agreed to have Darin take our Boxer to his house to teach him basic commands and improve his behavior. After spending three weeks with Darin, he came home a new dog! Darin showed us exactly what we needed to do to reinforce the training he had already done. It’s been over six months since we sent our dog for training, and he is now very well behaved and a pleasure to have. Thank you Darin for helping our family find peace!

Veronica P. Patchogue , NY November 9, 2015

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We would recommend Darin to anyone who needs help with …

Our mini Aussie, Harley, is our only "child" and the center of our world, but before we had him professionally trained by Darin. His behavior, especially around friends and strangers, caused us a lot of stress and embarrassment. Harley was extremely protective and hyperactive and whenever visitors would come over he would bark incessantly and jump on them. The barking and whining did not go away after a few minutes and he would sit near us the entire time we had friends over and bark and/or whine, making our guests and us very uncomfortable. He would also bark at other dogs and people while out on a walk with us, often startling old ladies and children. Darin came in and totally saved the day!
We sent Harley to Darin's home for a board and train, and he came back a calm and obedient dog who is always a pleasure to be around and who has become a neighborhood favorite. Darin taught us and Harley to go to his "place," his bed in the corner, on command and he will sit there calmly until we release him. He responds to a whole host of commands. We could not be happier with Darin's service.
What's even better is that Darin offers boarding services so when we go on vacation he will pick Harley up at our house and then bring him home when we get back. He charges a very reasonable rate compared to the kennel and Harley gets a training refresher while he's there! We would recommend Darin to anyone who needs help with training their dog.

Deanna and Ian Long Beach , NY November 29, 2015

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The first time I met Darin, I knew right away that he was …

I was having training problems with my 1 1/2 year old Golden Retriever. He would jump on people when they came into the house, and I couldn't take him for a walk without him dragging me down the street. Someone suggested that I try a trainer named Darin.
The first time I met him, I knew right away that he was professional and well versed in his craft. After a few lessons, my dog's behavior changed. No more jumping on people, and it is actually a pleasure to take him for a walk now.
I would highly recommend without reservation, Darin to anyone who is having training and/or behavioral issues with their dog.

Pat C. Smithtown , NY December 10, 2015

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To me Darin is the perfect combination of talents and …

Two years ago I adopted a poorly socialized 2 year old American Pitbull Terrier. He was resource guarding, aggressive, growling, and biting us if we attempted to remove something from his mouth that he did NOT want to give up.
He never showed the slightest aggression toward humans, but small dogs were like rats to him. Fun to chase and kill. He listened to little or no commands and appeared to pay no attention to us. Immediately upon our return to the States from Nicaragua, my husband called Darin who came to evaluate him.
Darin could see all his issues after a short evaluation. Mind you, we've had three other dogs a Rottweiler and two other Pitbulls so we weren't novices.
Darin showed us the e-collar he would use to assist us in getting Digger to attend to us and learn what we expected of him. I was horrified at the thought of an electric collar, thinking that I'd only seen them used by lazy, cruel pet owners.
Darin took the time to explain why an inattentive, fast, aggressive powerful dog needed one so he could focus. After agreeing to try the collar, we opted for the series of lessons.
My dog immediately took to Darin, because he just loves and GETS dogs. After the first lesson, we knew that Digger was going to be a great dog. We as owners trained our dog EVERY day for 20 minutes each. His improvement was amazing.
I didn't trust my dog before Darin, now I trust him implicitly (and I know his limits).
Everyone who met Digger pre-Darin and post-Darin can not believe he is the same dog. He's relaxed, affectionate, obedient heels, sits, stays and comes immediately and joyfully when ever he's called.
I've taken all my other dogs for training, to me Darin is the perfect combination of talents and attributes for training ANY DOG.

Lynne M. Brookhaven , NY February 17, 2016

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No matter what questions we have or issues that have come up …

Darin Post is your “Go To” dog trainer for many reasons. We give Darin high praise for his knowledge, expertise and professionalism.
Darin has helped train our daughter (AKA dog) Sage. She is 2 ½ years old now. We started her training with him at 6 months old after taking her out of a retail training class due to their poor skills and techniques.
Within a short time Sage’s issues had been resolved. As sweet, lovable and loyal that she is, Sage had issues with destroying anything paper related, she would pull on the leash so hard she would choke herself when trying to walk her as well as some food aggression.
Through Darin’s method’s Sage has conquered her issues. We now enjoy walking her, both on and off leash. We can leave the house without any fear of surprises of the unknown and feeding time is a positive experience.
Not to mention, we learned so much from Darin that Sage is so advanced with other skills we couldn’t have imagined. We can leave our front door open, give her a stay command and she will not move. She was even able to walk down our wedding aisle and stand under the bema with us.
No matter what questions we have or issues that have come up with Sage, Darin knows and is most helpful conquering.

John & Amy B. Wantagh , NY March 9, 2016

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When I walk in the house after work, I now get greeted with …

I had the epitome of a "crazy" Great Dane. She was a a cute, cuddly 6 month old puppy, but a whopping 100 pounds of energy, hyperactivity and power. The day before I called Darin, she managed to grab a hold of my pony tail, pull me down, and proceed to drag me around the floor for a solid 5 minutes before I was able to get her to stop. She bit my 5 year old nephew over food, harassed my 4yr old Dane relentlessly and was in the process of slowly eating my arms. She listened when she wanted too. And that was our problem.
Darin was able to not only "tame the beast" but bring out her fullest potential. A once hyper, crazy and overaggressive dog can now walk down the streets of downtown Huntington and allow millions of 2yr olds to come right up to her face to pet her. 8 months ago she would have lunged for their faces.
When I walk in the house after work, I now get greeted with a "patient wait in place" until I'M READY to say hello instead of a blindsided ninja attack. Walks are pleasant as there is never any pulling, only people stopping to admire what a lady she is on a leash and "how well trained she is", and most importantly I can actually enjoy my DOG instead of being overcome with frustration. Hiring Darin to train US was the most well spent money I could have spent in mine and Gracie's relationship.

Chrissy G. Huntington , NY April 29, 2016

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I’m so glad I had Darin to train Buddy because its made my …

When i adopted Buddy (Dachshund mix) three years ago, I almost gave him back. He had very bad fear and leash aggression. He had already bit someone and tended to nip when people came into the house. Darin took him for a week of intense training. Buddy came back a different dog. He now knows all his commands and listens to them. Although he still has fears, he doesn't react like he did because his focus is on me. I highly recommend Darin for anyone having issues with their dog. I'm so glad I had Darin to train Buddy because its made my life easier and Buddy's too.

Debbie V. Middle Island , NY May 17, 2016

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Thanks to Darin and his great training, I believe Shamus …

I have a new Westie puppy, Shamus, who needed to be trained in sitting, staying, coming and to drop things that were in his mouth. Darin worked with Shamus in these areas and also gave me great tips so I could continue to train him every day. We started with the clicker method with treats, and Shamus is doing very well with his training. We also worked on "heal" when walking, and Shamus responds well to this instruction also. Thanks to Darin and his great training, I believe Shamus will continue on a path for following commands in the future.

Debbie M. Massapequa , NY July 16, 2016

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